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Debt Collection Steps

They have created a great ebook that can help you do all the collection services yourself instead of paying another company to do it. If you accept checks or have a credit system in place it can help you get your money from non-paying customers. This happens in every business but if you have the right systems in place it can be a lot less hassle. This is great for small businesses because they can concentrate on more important things like growing the business.

Here is a chapter list to let you know all of the different topics that are covered.

Chapter 1
Terms and Conditions: The Importance of Setting Up Clear Credit Policies and Guidelines;Why You Should Always Ask For a Personal Guarantee; How To Get Your Non-Paying Customers To Pay The Costs For Hiring a Collection Agency; Customer Contracts and Agreements…and much more

Chapter 2
Reasons Why Many Businesses Fail At Debt Collection; Why Unclear Policies Are costly To Your Business’ Bottom Line; Fear of Loss, and Why Many Businesses Don’t Pursue Collections Properly…..and much more.

Chapter 3
Implementing Proper Debt Collection Strategies and Policies; Training Employees and Delegating Responsibility….and much more.

Chapter 4
Debt Collection As A Learned Skill; Time, The Depreciation of Money, And The Probability for Successful Collection; Taking Advantage Of Your Debt Collection Narrow “Window Of Opportunity”; Using This Simple Tactic Will Solve Many Slow-Pay Problems Significantly; Signs To Spot a Potential Slow-Payer…..and much more

Chapter 5
Proven Tactics Used By Collection Agencies; Vital Communication Skills You Need To Increase Your Debt Collecting Success; How To Make Every Collection Call Count…and much more.

Chapter 6
Debt Collection Letters- How To Make Them More Impactful; Collection Letter Advantages, and Challenges To Overcome To Make Them More Effective; Stregthen Your Debt Recovery Letters With These Tactics; Why Timing Is very Important; Sample Collection Letters That Get Results…and much more.

Chapter 7
Telephone and Negotiation Skills- Key To The Successful Collection of Debt; Elements That Should Be In EVERY Telephone Collection Call; Sample Telephone Debt Collecting Scripts- Things To Say- Things To Absolutely Avoid…and much more

Chapter 8
The Art of Collecting Debt, and The Ingredients That Will Make It Work For You; Developing Your Listening And Communication Skills To Precision; Hear What Your Debtor Is REALLY Telling You- And What He’s NOT Saying; Sharpen Your Persuasion Skills And Collect More Money; How To Handle Objections Like The Pros And Turn Them To Your Advantage…and much more.

Chapter 9
Debt Collecting Do’s and No-No’s; Federal And State Debt Collection Policies, And How They Your Ability To Collect Debt; Maximize Your Success And Leverage Your Time With These Tips; Collection “Landmines” To Avoid…and much more.

Chapter 10
Know When You Should Outsource to a Collection Agency, and When You Shouldn’t; Considerations For Outsourcing, and Disadvantages; Some Collection Agency MUST-HAVES’s; Debt Collection Litigation…and much more.

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