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Collection Agency MD Review

Start recovering your money now at Collection Agency MD

Featuring Invoice Guard, an easy service broken up into 3 phases, which escalate in cost and aggresiveness. Collection Agency MD offers a flat rate if collections are made in phase one. 1-4 accounts $19.99. 5-8 accounts $39.95. 9-12 accounts $54.00

Phase 1: 4 letters sent 7 days apart will be mailed out within 24 hours of the account being opened. Also a series of phone calls, emails, and faxes will be sent to the debtor in an attempt to contact them. In this phase you pay a flat fee for collections, and Collection Agency MD collects no commission. If this does not work, Collection Agency MD will move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: An attorney in your area will be contacted. They will then draft several letters to the debtor on the firm letterhead demanding payment of the amount owed. Phone calls will also be made in order to try and contact the debtor. At the end of this phase, if your money is not collected, then Collection Agency MD will send you a letter explaining the process and what is recommended for the next and final step. If collections are made in phase 2, Collection Agency MD charges a 30% commission.

Phase 3: In this phase, Collection Agency MD will recommend one of two things. Investigation will determine whether Collection Agency MD thinks if the debtor is able to repay the amount owed, or if they are not able and it is not likely you could recovery your funds. If Collection Agency MD does not think recovery is possible, the account is closed. If Collection Agency MD recommends litigation, then you can proceed in the phase by choosing legal action or to close the case. To begin this process there is $600-$700 in court fees. If your money is recovered in this phase Collection Agency MD will charge 40% commission