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Archive for February, 2012

Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course

If you are wanting to learn about how to get what is owed to you back legally then this may be the course for you. There are legal channels in which you can collect your debts. Even if you take someone to court and win you still have to collect the debts owed to you. [...]

Bad Debt Collection Techniques

In this article you can learn a lot about ways to get your old debts that you deserve. It is full of options that have been time-tested and can be used in many different situation. The author has been working in the field for 20 years and has heard and experienced about everything that goes [...]

Debt Collection Steps

They have created a great ebook that can help you do all the collection services yourself instead of paying another company to do it. If you accept checks or have a credit system in place it can help you get your money from non-paying customers. This happens in every business but if you have the [...]